Marvel is a manually functioning product. It comes with high quality, standard accessories that can be utilized for various surgeries. It is a cost effective, robust product with high stability and low maintenance.

Special Features

1. Mattress made in P.U. Foam and Rexine Covered

2. Indian Heavy Duty Castor wheel

3. Manual Padel operated Hydraulic Pump for up and down position

4. Manual Padel operated brakes

5. Manual screw operated mechanism for backrest, trendelenburg, tilt, and Kidney bridge

6. The up & down column has Fabricated, jerk free, and high precision ball bearings that avoid wig-wag movement in the column

7. Table top is made out of strong radiolucent material

8. The entire top is constructed from colour coated Square Pipe

9. Safety locks incorporate in the side rails

10. Can be used for Gynaec, laparoscopy and General Surgery